NOTSS Publication List

Peer reviewed publications

Crossley J, Marriott J, Purdie H, Beard JD. 2011. Prospective observational study to evaluate NOTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) for assessing trainees' non-technical performance in the operating theatre. British Journal of Surgery, 98, 1010-1020

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Yule, S., Flin, R., Maran, N., Rowley, D. R., Youngson, G. G., & Paterson-Brown, S. 2008. Surgeons' non-technical skills in the operating room: Reliability testing of the NOTSS behaviour rating system. World Journal of Surgery, 32, 548-556.

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Surgeons' News articles

Yule S, Wilkinson J. 2009. Test of Cultures: NOTSS in Japan. Surgeons' News,3.

Flin R & Yule S. 2005. Advances in patient safety: Non-technical skills in surgery. Surgeons' News, 4:85-87

Flin R & Paterson-Brown S. 2005. Lessons from the aviation industry. Surgeons' News, 4:38

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Book chapters

Yule S and Paterson-Brown S. Surgeons' non-technical skills. In: ed Sanchez JA. Patient Safety. Surgical Clinics of North America.  Elsevier Inc. 2012 pp37-50

Yule S et al. 2002‐2008. Development of the NOTSS behaviour rating system.  In R Flin, L Mitchell (Eds).  Safer Surgery: Analysing Behaviour in the Operating Theatre 2009. Ashgate Publishing

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