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Faculty of Dental Trainers

Upcoming Event

The Faculty of Dental Trainers' Third Annual Meeting

Join us at our Third Annual Meeting in Birmingham on 15 November 2019

The topic of the event is Mentoring and Reflection: Ways and Means, providing members of the dental team with the opportunity to:

  • Better understand the concept of Human Factors and how they affect outcomes
  • Respond to threats and errors appropriately
  • Apply management models to everyday practice to improve patient safety
  • Find effective ways to communicate with patients and the dental team 
  • Maintain behaviour and attitudes which boost confidence in yourself and the dental profession 


Dr. Kirsten Jack, Manchester Metropolitan University  
Reflection, is there a comfort zone?

Jane Dalgarno, Chair BADN 
Mentoring or coaching?

Dr Andrew Perkins and Dr Ganase Dharrie-Maharaj, Black Box Dentistry
The impact of human factors

Dr Catherine Coelho, Clinical Associate Professor (Education), Peninsula Dental School
Supporting colleagues through mentoring - what, why and how?

Dr Sarah Manton, Director, Faculty of Dental Trainers, RCSEd
Dental Non-Technical Skills (DeNTS) - reflection or mentoring?

Worth 6 CPD hours, this exciting meeting will be of relevance to the whole dental team - book your place here!

FDT Annual Conference is sponsored by Information Edge 

Who we are...

The Faculty of Dental Trainers (FDT) promotes the role of the dental trainer, recognises achievement and excellence and, ultimately, enhances the quality of patient care.

Dentists and dental care professionals form the teams that deliver patient care across all sectors and in multiple settings, from public and community services, hospital services, to Armed Services and universities.

To achieve the best outcomes for patients and to ensure safe patient care, it is essential that all training for the dental team is effective, competent and delivered to the best possible standards.

To achieve its purpose of improving the quality of patient care, the FDT:

  • Rewards interest, engagement and achievement in dental training
  • Provides a professional home for recognised dental trainers
  • Offers support and guidance for career development in dental training
  • Promotes standards in training

Standards for Dental Trainers across the Dental Team

FDT are delighted to be launching their Standards for Dental Trainers across the Dental Team at their Annual Meeting on 15 November in Birmingham. 


"There are many recognised and quality assured pathways and opportunities for trainers in dentistry to work towards meeting the standards that they require to achieve for their training practice and career development." 

                                                                                                  Dr Sarah Manton, Director of the Faculty of Dental Trainers


For more information on our Standards for the Dental Trainers and for the complete Trainer Framework please check the PDF document at the bottom of this page.

The FDT was launched in 2016 by the Faculty of Dental Surgery of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The Faculty of Dental Trainers is a sister Faculty of the already-established Faculty of Surgical Trainers and both of these Faculties are accountable, through a single governance group, to the RCSEd’s governing Council. Additionally, the Faculty of Dental Trainers reports to the Council of RCSEd’s Faculty of Dental Surgery.


Further information about joining is available on the Faculty of Dental Trainers website.


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