Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

Pre-hospital care is a well-established branch of medicine, now practised by a broad range of practitioners from first aiders, paramedics, doctors, nurses, first responders, voluntary aid workers and remote medics including multi agency teams such as police, fire and armed forces.

As the face of pre-hospital emergency medicine changes, the Faculty's aim is to set and maintain clinical standards for all practitioners in this evolving specialty.

The Faculty has updated its strategic objectives and mission statement in response to these changes, it has also developed its committee structure to ensure that its work is strategically aligned to the objectives.

The Faculty's strategic objectives are to:
  • Set and maintain standards in pre-hospital care
  • Promote high quality education and teaching in pre-hospital care
  • Initiate technical development and contribute to the research agenda in pre-hospital care
  • Effectively integrate the efforts of all participants in pre-hospital care
  • Engage in development of clinical policy through review of clinical evidence
Mission statement:

The Faculty aims to promote high standards of pre-hospital care through education, research and teaching.

For further information about the Faculty, visit their website or email fphc@rcsed.ac.uk


Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine - Dr John Glen, Course Convenor



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