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Trainees' Committee

The Trainees’ Committee of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is the main conduit for ensuring that the views of trainees are considered in all aspects of the College’s activities.

Its activity to date includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deliver the opinions and priorities of the College trainee membership directly to RCSEd Council, through its elected representative.
  • Work externally as RCSEd representatives with bodies such as the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the British Medical Association, the Association of Surgeons in Training, as well as many other organisations.
  • Liaise with the RCSEd policy and public affairs team, providing trainee perspective on political consultations and interactions.
  • Direct and lead strategic project work for the College’s #LetsRemoveIt Anti-Bullying and Undermining Campaign
  • Participation in numerous short life working groups on topics such as flexible working and whistleblowing
  • Taking forward specific initiatives on behalf of trainees, for example negotiating with HMRC for tax relief for the JCST fees and relief for the Specialty Fellowship Examination.
  • Interacting with College Fellows, Members, Affiliates and students at outreach events in various regions.
  • Joining faculty for College competitions and courses, such as the Student Surgical Skills Competition.

The Trainees' Committee informs the Council, through the Chairperson, on relevant education, training and examination issues from a trainee's perspective and assists with the preparation of discussion documents and publications through the College media.

The Trainees' Committee members are located across the UK and want to hear the views of the RCSEd Trainees it represents. If you would like to get in touch with the Trainees' Committee please email traineescommittee@rcsed.ac.uk. 

Current Members of RCSEd's Trainees' Committee

  • David Riding

    David Riding is a Vascular Surgery ST6 in the North West. He is currently out of programme, and working towards a PhD in venous disease at the University of Manchester. He has been awarded a Masters degree in Surgical Education from Imperial College, and recently completed his tenure as a Medical Education Fellow at HE North West. He has extensive teaching experience in the UK and Uganda, and continues to teach undergraduates and postgraduates in Manchester. David was appointed to the Trainees’ Committee in March 2016. He advocates for higher quality educational and clinical supervision, with greater emphasis on evidence-based educational practice in surgery. He has been actively involved in measures seeking to reduce the cost of surgical training and spearheaded the successful application to HMRC to allow tax exemption for the FRCS examination. During his time on the Trainees' Committee, he has helped to develop and promote the College's anti-bullying campaign, which aims to change the surgical workplace culture for the benefit of patients and healthcare workers alike.

  • Katherine Hurst

    Katherine Hurst is an Academic Clinical Fellow in the Oxford Deanery, with an interest in Vascular Surgery. She was awarded a Scholarship from the University of Oxford for a DPhil in October 2017. Her research interests include carotid and peripheral vascular disease. Katherine is involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and initiated the first Regional Foundation Surgical Society, which has now been adopted nationally, in conjunction with RCSEd, and aims to both facilitate and encourage junior surgical training. Having joined the Committee in April 2017, Katherine aims to address junior surgical trainee issues and particularly trainee moral. She represents the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh at both ASiT and BMA meetings.

  • Beth Lineham

    Beth Lineham is an ST3 in Trauma and Orthopaedics in the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery. She completed a Masters in Medical Engineering at the University of Leeds during core training and continues to be actively involved in research. She has just finished a year as a Research Fellow at Bradford Royal Infirmary with research interests including limb reconstruction and frame management. Beth joined the committee in April 2017 and is especially focused on improving working conditions of junior doctors and increasing engagement and collaboration between trainees and the College. She is the representative for the committee to both the BMA and the Faculty of Perioperative Care.

  • Jenny Banks

    Jenny Banks is an ST6 General Surgery Trainee with a subspecialty interest in Breast Surgery in the Southwest Peninsula Deanery.  She competed the Edinburgh Surgical Sciences Qualification in 2012 and her MSc research project examined the effects of bariatric surgery on diabetic retinopathy. She is enthusiastic about the increasing role of collaborative research and is leading a national project on angiosarcoma of the breast and chest wall. Jenny joined the committee in April 2018 and wishes to build on the work achieved by the college in supporting the process of returning to training after time out of programme.

  • Neil Wickramasinghe

    Neil Wickramasinghe is a Trauma and Orthopaedic trainee based in the South-East of Scotland. He undertook his MBChB degree at The University of Edinburgh. As an undergraduate he completed a BMedSci(Hons) degree in Neuroscience, and as a postgraduate he graduated from an MSc in Surgical Sciences. Neil joined the trainees committee in April 2018, and aims to have a positive influence on surgical training issues such as trainee uptake, morale and effective mentorship.

  • Kellie Bateman

    Kellie Bateman is an ST3 in General Surgery in Wales. She undertook an academic foundation programme focusing on medical education in Devon, before completing Core Surgical Training in Wales. Kellie joined the trainees committee in 2019 and is particularly interested in factors affecting recruitment and retention in surgical training. She hopes to promote trainee engagement with the college by supporting and encouraging local and national events, particularly for those early in their surgical career and across Wales.

  • Darren Porter

    Darren Porter is an ST7 in General Surgery with a specialist interest in Coloproctology. He undertook his undergraduate medical degree in Trinity College Dublin and completed foundation and core training in Northern Ireland. He is undertaking his higher surgical training in the East of Scotland Deanery working predominantly in Ninewells Hospital Dundee. He completed a ChM in general surgery at the University of Edinburgh for which he received a distinction and was awarded the Thomas Annandale Gold medal. His master’s thesis investigated the different nodal harvesting techniques in colorectal cancer resection. He is an honorary tutor in surgery at the University of Dundee and faculty at the Cuschieri Skills Centre in Dundee where he teaches laparoscopic surgery. Darren joined the trainee committee in April 2019 and he hopes to use his background in surgical education and experience in simulation to improve technical surgical training. He also aims to improve working conditions for surgical trainees. 

  • Kenneth MacKenzie

    Kenneth MacKenzie is an ST5 in Urology in the North East of England. He has undertaken some initial research into surgical skill acquisition and had experience on developing collaborative projects within Urology. Kenneth joined the trainees committee in April 2019 and hopes, in collaboration with the Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST), to use his previous experience in skill acquisition to improve methods of assessment used for surgical trainees. 

  • Peter Hutchison

    Peter Hutchison biography to follow.

  • Francis Robertson

    Francis Robertson biography to follow.

  • Martin Trotter

    Martin Trotter biography to follow.

  • Jonathan Wareing

    Jonathan Wareing biography to follow.

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