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The FTSS offers its members representation, education and qualification from a regional level. As a trainee, these societies offer a fantastic way to demonstrate and develop your skills and career. Each society works independently, but in association with RCSEd, and as such you will have access to content from all FTSS UK.

There are a number of societies spread across the UK, check the list below to find contact details for your nearest society.


FTSS UK Yorkshire

FTSS Lead: Carl Fenton

RSA Contact : Mark Peter and Khrisnan Amaran

Email: Yorkshireftss@gmail.com


FTSS UK Wessex

FTSS Lead: Patrick Rice

RSA Contact : Arjun Takhar

Email: FTSS.Wessex@gmail.com 


FTSS UK Oxford

FTSS Lead: Nicole Ellen James

RSA Contact: Mike Silva

Email: oxfordfss@gmail.com or join their external mailing list.


FTSS UK London

FTSS Lead: Sophie O'Dolan & Stasha Abhee

RSA Contact: Cynthia Borg

Email: LondonFTSS@gmail.com


FTSS UK Merseyside

FTSS Lead: Chi hoi Lee & Pranavi Challapalli

RSA Contact: John Taylor

Email: mftsurgicalsociety@gmail.com 


FTSS UK Manchester

FTSS Lead: Sirat Lodhi

RSA Contact: Miss Emma Stapleton

Email: mfss1020@gmail.com


FTSS UK Cambridge

FTSS Lead: Co-presidents: Bianca Hanganu & Lana Al-Nusair

RSA Contact: Miss Anita Balakrishnan

Email: ftsscambridge@gmail.com


FTSS UK West Midlands

FTSS Lead: Co-presidents: Abeeran Ranjan & Isabel Soans  

RSA Contact: Mr Fouad Chaudhry & Mr Ramanan Vadivelu 

Email: wm.ftss@protonmail.com 


FTSS UK East Midlands

FTSS Lead: Savannah Gysling

RSA Contact: Mr Paul Lee & Mr Hazem Khout

Email: ftss.eastmidlands@gmail.com


FTSS UK Kent, Surrey & Sussex

FTSS Lead: Cheuk Tung Kam & Yogita Shanmugharaj

RSA Contact: Mr Mike Williams

Email: ftss.kss@gmail.com


FTSS UK Northern (North East)

FTSS Lead: Dr Corey Chan

RSA Contact: Sanjay Pandanaboyana

Email: newcastleftss@gmail.com


FTSS UK South West

FTSS Lead: Lara Money

RSA Contact: Mr Ashok Subramanian

Email: SouthwestFTSS@gmail.com


FTSS UK Scotland

FTSS Lead: Emma MacVicar

RSA Contact: Mr Stephen Jones

Email: ftss.scotland@gmail.com



FTSS Lead: President- Sarah Burd & Vice President- Ross Mercer

RSA Contact: Mr David Owens

Email: wales.ftss@gmail.com


FTSS Northern Ireland

FTSS Lead: Sarah Jeffery

RSA Contact : Mano Shanmuganathan & Andrew Diver

Email: northernireland.ftss@gmail.com


Can't find your area? Contact outreach@rcsed.ac.uk to learn more.

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