Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery of the Head and Neck

This webinar series looks at the important considerations when embarking on a Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery programme. The RCSEd Otolaryngology Surgical Specialty Board has invited UK experts in the field of TORS including surgeons and members of the the wider multidisciplinary team, to give us their opinion and summarise the literature on important considerations such as the Inside Out Anatomy, the functional aspects specifically the swallowing outcome, anaesthetic considerations and post op pain control.

Topic Date Broadcast
TORS - what do the papers say? 12th December 2023
Functional outcome of Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery 20th November 2023
A conversation with the Head & Neck Radiologist 18th September 2023
Carcinoma of unknown primary and TORS 9th August 2023
‘Inside-Out’ anatomy of the oropharynx 10th July 2023
Surgical margins in Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery of the Head and Neck 13th June 2023

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