Flexible Working and Training

Flexible Training is available to all doctors regardless of gender, so long as your reasoning is well-founded and you can prove that training on a full-time basis would be unsuitable, e.g. Disability or ill-health, role as a primary carer. For a more comprehensive list, see Eligibility and Funding.

Less than Full-time Training is available to trainees at all grades and can be a percentage of the full-time training programme, depending on grade and individual circumstances. Out of hours work must fulfil the minimum educational requirements, but should generally not exceed pro rata out of hours requirements for those in full-time training.

Alond with the relevant Deanery adviser, Specialty Educational Adviser, your Clinical Leader you will all contribute to the creation of a suitable training programme. However, some specialty training may have to be undertaken on a full-time basis.

Aims (as per NHS Guidelines):

  • To ensure continued and adequate training;
  • To retain within the medical workforce doctors who are unable to continue their training on a full-time basis;
  • To maintain a balance between flexible arrangements, educational needs and the service needs;
  • To promote career development and work/life balance for doctors training within the NHS.

What Now?

  • Check guidelines for eligibility and confirm this with your Postgraduate Deanery
  • A certificate of eligibility will be required if not already in a LTFT post
  • Indicate on your application form you wish to train less than full-time. This information will NOT be seen by selection panels
  • Ideally, make your request around 3 months prior to taking up a post
  • Please note that the application process varies from region to region, so check with your adviser if you are unsure
  • Check our FAQs and Links page for more information

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