Every surgeon in the UK in possession of a license to practise (and every surgeon in training beyond five years) needs to undergo revalidation. For non-training grade surgeons this is the summation of five years enhanced appraisal; for trainees it is through the ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) process.

The implementation of revalidation differs in each of the four home nations of the UK and this has implications for the documentation process for appraisal. The resources described within this section highlight how those processes differ (e.g. trainees in England will have to complete an Enhanced Form R for Doctors in Training, required for revalidation. This will not be required by trainees in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.)

The revalidation process is set out in a number of policy documents to be found in the websites of the General Medical Council, the NHS England and the Academy of the Medical Royal Colleges.

Revalidation Helpdesk

A revalidation helpdesk is available to those in need of assistance or information.

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