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Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare

The Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare (FRRHH) are excited to partner with The Viking Surgeons Association (VSA) to deliver a series of webinars focusing on rural surgery.
The VSA consists of remote and rural surgeons working in Rural General Hospitals mostly in The Highlands, Islands of Scotland, rural areas of Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Iceland.

In addition to the VSA webinar series, The FRRHH will be delivering their first series of Humanitarian Healthcare webinars. The webinars will feature presentations from highly experienced humanitarian healthcare professionals sharing their expertise and valuable advice on how to prepare for a career within this field.

Topic Date Broadcast
Viking Surgeons Association - Rural Orthopaedics 24th February 2021 at 19:00 GMT
Introduction to Humanitarian Healthcare 23rd February 2021 at 19:00 GMT
Humanitarian Healthcare - What I Wish I Had Known 27th January 2021 at 19:00 GMT
Viking Surgeons Association - Thriving and Surviving in Remote and Rural General Surgery 26th January 2021 at 19:00 GMT
Viking Surgeons Association - General Surgery subspecialties in the Rural Unit - Gastroenterology 10th December 2020
Viking Surgeons Association - Surgical Specialty Emergencies in the Rural Unit - ENT 25th November 2020
Viking Surgeons Association - Combining Remote & Rural Surgery with Humanitarian Healthcare 20th October 2020
Viking Surgeons Association - Annual Conference 2020 15th - 17th September 2020
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Please contact the E-Learning Team at webinars@rcsed.ac.uk if you have any issues accessing these resources.

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