Robotics and Surgery: Innovating for the Future

The 'Robotics and Surgery: Innovating for the Future' webinar series focuses on the topic of robotics and its impact on the future of surgery. This series will dive into the work RCSEd has been striving forward on and will look at the future development of surgical practices, increased deployment of robotics training, and the creation of a key framework to help support the future of the multidisciplinary robotic surgical team. Joined by expert clinicians from across the field, tune in and gather valuable insights that will encourage and inspire you to take advantage of the modern approaches to surgery and build your knowledge to deliver greater care for your patients.

Topic Date Broadcast
Non-Technical Skills for Robotic-Assisted Surgery 24th April 2023
Robotic distal pancreaticectomy current evidence and future perspectives 16th January 2023
Robotics in Paediatrics; Friend or Foe 5th December 2022
Robotic Assisted or Totally Robotic Vascular Surgery 21st November 2022
Newer Robotic platforms – Watch this space 31st October 2022
Current status in Robotic colorectal surgery 24th October 2022
Robotic Bariatric Surgery in Challenging Situations 5th October 2022
Robotic Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery: Techniques, Evidence base and future innovation 26th September 2022
Advances in Gynaecological Robotic Surgery: Platforms, training and benign gynaecology 12th September 2022
Robotic Cardiac Surgery 13th September 2022
Using simulation to enhance training and improve outcomes in robotic assisted surgery 9th August 2022
Current State of Robotic Oesophago-Gastric Surgery in the UK 26th July 2022
Robotics in Thoracic Surgery: Introduction and tips for success 12th July 2022
New Robotic Platforms and expanding horizons in Non-oncological Robotic Surgery 11th July 2022
Robotic Abdominal Wall Surgery: the evidence and the training 27th June 2022
Robotic-assisted liver surgery: lessons learnt and tips for the learning curve 13th June 2022
Transoral Robotic Surgery - showcasing robotic surgery in the head and neck 3rd May 2022
Versius Robotic Colorectal Surgery- Implementation and experience 21st April 2022
Introducing the Future of Surgery: Robotics 4th April 2022

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