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The Alban Barros D'Sa Memorial Travelling Fellowship in General Surgery

The Alban Barros D'Sa Travelling Scholarship allows those starting out in their surgical careers to attend education events which would otherwise be out with their grasp. The Scholarship was generously donated by the family of the late Alban Barros D’Sa, Fellow and Examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Mr Barros D’Sa’s interest was in supporting surgeons in training, and the scholarship will provide up to £1,000 towards attending international educational meetings and conferences.

Applications for the Alban Barros D’Sa Memorial Travelling Fellowship are invited from Members or Fellows of the College, in good standing, who are Higher Surgical Trainees who have not yet attained Consultant grade. The Fellowship provides funding for travel abroad to gain further experience/training.

Applications close on Friday 14 June 2024.

Submit your application on the Grants and Awards platform here.

For further information, please contact the Research and Grants Co-Ordinator, Development and Partnerships Office by email at

The Cutner Travelling Fellowship (Orthopaedics)

Applications for the Cutner Travelling Fellowship are invited from Fellows or Members of the College in good standing. The Fellowship provides funding of up to £3,000 towards travel abroad for either:

(a) Trainee orthopaedic surgeons around the time of their appointment to a consultant post, to enable them to study in centres with particular expertise relating to the responsibilities of their new appointment, or

(b) Surgeons making short visits to learn new orthopaedic techniques, or to work in other centres to develop orthopaedic surgery.

Applications are now closed.

Saleem Khwaja Memorial Fellowship in Paediatric Surgery

Saleem Khwaja was a Professor of Paediatric Surgery who worked in the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Middle East. He contributed widely to the specialty, particularly neonatal surgery and children’s surgery in the tropics. Recognized as an outstanding teacher and mentor, Professor Khwaja was committed to developing early-career paediatric surgeons. The Fellowship was established in recognition of his life-long commitment to teaching, research, and education.

Applications for the Saleem Khwaja Memorial Fellowship in Paediatric Surgery are invited from Higher Surgical Trainees or Junior Consultants (up to two years post-appointment), who are Members or Fellows of the College, in good standing. The Fellowship provides funding for travel abroad to gain further education and training, or to offer charitable service to another centre in support of skill development.

Applications are now closed.

Malaysian - UK Travelling Fellowship (MUTF) 

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is pleased to offer the Malaysia-United Kingdom Travelling Fellowship to junior or senior registrars in the Malaysian Training system (e.g. Medical Officer, MO Level to Masters in Surgery programme candidates) who are Members or Fellows of the college in good standing.

The Fellowship is a 4-6 week observership programme in any branch of Surgery within a UK hospital. The successful applicant will gain experience in evidence-based practice of the NHS, benefits of multidisciplinary team (MDT) working, teamwork and communication skills across the breadth of the healthcare profession, clinical practice supported by research, and collaborative working in research and audit projects.

The fellowship provides up to £2,500 in funding for travel from Malaysia to centers in the UK for applicants who aim to gain a different training experience, and develop new connections and networks within the global medial community.

Applications are now closed.

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