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Raising Concerns and Whistle Blowing

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has an ethos of delivering and supporting the tools for provision of high quality health care. The College recognises that occasionally there may be concerns that the standard of care provided by an individual or an institution is not at a level deemed acceptable.

Recommendations to Fellows, Members and staff:

Check your employer’s policy – all employers must provide guidance in the form of policy and there are multiple documents available. See links below

Raise your concerns internally – this is usually the most appropriate first response. Speak to your Educational Supervisor, Clinical Director or Line Manager

Raise your concerns externally – speak to your Programme Director, Regional Surgical/Dental adviser, Post-Graduate Dean or Executive Officer. You may be referred on to an individual at the College with specialist knowledge appropriate to the situation

Raise your concerns publically – this should only be considered in the most serious circumstances and after other channels have been exhausted. People who raise concerns about malpractice are legally protected by the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 or the Public Interest Disclosure (Northern Ireland) Order 1998. You may wish to seek legal advice before pursuing this route

REMEMBER The use of social media to discuss concerns should be undertaken with caution.

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