Technology and Tools

All technology and tools involved in the delivery of healthcare are included in the SEIPS model of patient safety. Technology is spread throughout our whole system; it is used for training, to manage patient flow and monitor elements of population health and, in surgery, often acts as the final interface between provider and patient. Elements may range from IT systems used to manage waiting lists, to new stapling devices for use in laparoscopic surgery.

Technology should be designed to be user-friendly; making it easy to use safely and effectively. As technology evolves we must have pathways to enable adoption of the most effective devices. Training must keep pace to ensure providers are adequately trained to use new devices safely.



The College continues to invest in newer technology for training; developing webinars, online resources, and courses. 


The Definitive Human project, a virtual reality anatomical resource, is being developed in conjunction with Glasgow College of Art.


Collaboration with industry partners allows the College to ensure training in newer technologies is available to Members & Fellows. 


The College has embraced the use of simulation in training; recently accrediting the Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation


The Younger Fellows Committee holds workshops on ergonomics and the use of energy devices within theatre.


Patient Safety Resources - Technology and Tools



Learning Resources


Definitive Human Project




Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation


Younger Fellows Group 


As technology and new tools become available, it is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals to make use of these where possible to enhance practices and continue to drive increased standards. Learn more about the other areas of the SEIPS model here.

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