Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care is pleased to present a series of webinars aimed at pre-hospital, ED and critical care teams.

Topic Date Broadcast
UK Search and Rescue to Resus 13th May 2024
Results of the Pre-alerts Study and implications for practice 5th March 2024
Results of the TETRIS Study and implications for practice 7th February 2024
Urgent Care around the World-How is Urgent Care Provided in other countries 6th December 2023
Drowning – Physiology to Resus! 17th April 2023
Retrieval Medicine and the DRTM: Past, Present and Future 15th February 2023
Maximising the potential of Urgent Care 14th December 2022
Sports Concussion 10th August 2022
Extrication 13th July 2022
Urgent Care – Is it time for a “Chain of Urgent Care”? 11th May 2022
Pre-Hospital Care in Sport 8th December 2021
Non-medical careers in pre-hospital care 20th October 2021
Brain and Spine Injury – Fire Side Chats 21st July 2021
Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest- what's new 21st April 2021
Navigating the complex world of wellness and mental health for emergency responders 19th May 2021
Early management of trauma 30th November 2020

The archived webinar recordings are a RCSEd member benefit resource for all Fellows, Members and Affiliates.

Please contact the e-learning team at webinars@rcsed.ac.uk if you have any issues accessing these resources.

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