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ENT: A multidisciplinary approach to….

A webinar series for ENT trainees, SAS and consultants brought to you by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in association with ENT UK. The premise behind this series is to provide clinicians with an understanding of their roles and that of other disciplines in the treatment of common ENT diseases. Each session will feature two speakers i.e. an ENT Surgeon and a colleague from an affiliated medical/surgical specialty. The hope is that by utilizing a cohesive approach, we will limit adverse events, improve patient outcomes, decrease patient length of stay, reduce costs and increase both patient and job satisfaction.

Topic Date Broadcast
A multidisciplinary approach to rhinitis and immunotherapy 6th October 2020
A multidisciplinary approach to skull base trauma 24th November 2020
A multidisciplinary approach to drooling and neurodisability 17th December 2020
A multidisciplinary approach to non-infectious inflammatory lesions of the sinonasal tract 13th January 2021
A multidisciplinary approach to the features of primary ciliary dyskinesia 3rd February 2021
A multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation of swallowing disorders 10th March 2021
A multidisciplinary approach to chemo/radiotherapy considerations in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 13th April 2021
A multidisciplinary approach to paediatric airway malacia and non-invasive ventilation 11th May 2021 at 19:00 BST

The archived webinar recordings are a RCSEd member benefit resource for all Fellows, Members and Affiliates.

Please contact the e-learning team at webinars@rcsed.ac.uk if you have any issues accessing these resources.

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