As we face the effects of COVID-19 across the world, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is determined to keep both our Members and the public up to date with the latest developments and information to aid those working in such difficult circumstances.

Our COVID-19 webinar series will draw upon the front line experience of senior clinicians from across multiple disciplines, and help answer those questions you have with special Q&A sessions.

Each webinar will be broadcast live on Zoom and available to anyone who would like to register, with a recording of the full session available for public access the next day.

Topic Date Broadcast
Future Surgeons: Learning, Assessment and Advancing Surgical Training 14th June 2021
COVID versus Trainees: "Back to Normal, Off You Go" 10th May 2021
Covid-19 & Surgery: Surgical Training & International Surgical Examinations 28th April 2021
Progress with the pandemic - Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and United States 19th April 2021
Recovery of Orthopaedics – challenges and opportunities 12th April 2021
Questions facing Dental Education – Qualification and training after COVID-19? 30th March 2021
Covid-19 & Surgery: Roadmap to Recovery - Hong Kong, India and Malaysia 30th March 2021
MRCS Examination: RCSEd Support and Guidance for International Candidates 29th March 2021
Cardiothoracic surgery and Covid-19 23rd March 2021
Progress with the pandemic - Malawi, Malta and Sudan 22nd March 2021
Recovery and wellbeing of the workforce post-COVID 15th March 2021
Training in the Independent Sector 22nd February 2021
Progress with the pandemic: Australia, India and Singapore 15th February 2021
How are things with you? 8th February 2021
Coming of age during COVID - applying for fellowships and transitioning to consultant posts during the pandemic 2nd February 2021
Tips and Tricks for Training in a Pandemic 25th January 2021
MRCS and FRCS Examinations Update 18th January 2021
Impact of COVID on Undergraduate Education & Foundation Training 14th December 2020
Surgical Training through COVID – Challenges and Opportunities 7th December 2020
COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines 16th November 2020
Approaching a second wave of the pandemic 2nd November 2020
The impact of COVID-19 on the provision of Conscious Sedation 22nd October 2020
FRCS and MRCS Examinations - Any Questions Answered 19th October 2020
ACS Clinical Congress 2020 - The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s response to the Ongoing Pandemic 7th October 2020
Supporting surgical trainers, especially during COVID 5th October 2020
Your College is Open for Business 21st September 2020
Sustaining Surgical Training Utilising the Independent Sector 7th September 2020
Sustainable Surgery and Climate Change. What Can and What Must We Do? 31st August 2020
Post Covid return to surgical practice - India, Malaysia and Singapore 24th August 2020
Supporting our SAS Surgeons through COVID-19 and beyond 17th August 2020
Bringing your College to You 10th August 2020
Experience with COVID-19 in Africa and The Middle East 3rd August 2020
Compassionate Leadership: How to Support Your Team? 30th July 2020
Post Covid – International Education and Assessment 27th July 2020
Latest news on the MRCS and FRCS examinations 20th July 2020
Paediatric Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry – Has COVID-19 changed your outlook? 16th July 2020
The future training of non-technical skills for surgeons (NOTSS) 13th July 2020
RCSEd Faculty of Dental Surgery – Resuming Dental Examinations 9th July 2020
The effects of COVID-19 on UK neurosurgery 6th July 2020
Surgical dental procedures in a post COVID-19 world 30th June 2020
Optimising surgical training through COVID-19 29th June 2020
Video consultation. The art of the possible 24th June 2020
The future of the MRCS and FRCS - Trainees questions answered 23rd June 2020
Remobilisation & Reconfiguration of Surgical Services 22nd June 2020
Paediatric perspective in the COVID-19 era 15th June 2020
Post lockdown strategy for non-COVID essential and emergency surgery 15th June 2020
Reviewing Recent Advice to Dentists on Getting Back to Work – Do You Feel Safe In Their Hands? 11th June 2020
The wellbeing of the surgical team: how we deal with death 10th June 2020
Recovery of elective orthopaedic surgery 8th June 2020
The President’s update on COVID-19 1st June 2020
Colorectal Surgery in Recovery 27th May 2020
How COVID-19 can Catalyse Informed Consent Shared Decision-Making 25th May 2020
Emergency General Surgery: COVID Challenges and Solutions 21st May 2020
Surgical simulation and eLearning: essentials in a post-COVID world 20th May 2020
COVID-19: Aerosols and Patient Safety – Where are we now? 19th May 2020
Urology in the COVID-19 era - how do we transition to the "new normal"? 18th May 2020
The risk to patient oral health due to the current crisis in primary dental care provision 13th May 2020
The recovery of cancer surgery during COVID-19 11th May 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic - International Response 11th May 2020
Oral Health, Urgencies and Emergencies, in COVID-19 7th May 2020
COVID-19 : The value of the advanced practitioner in the surgical team 6th May 2020
Update on training issues during COVID-19 4th May 2020
Critical care for surgeons during the COVID-19 pandemic 28th April 2020
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Your Questions Answered 27th April 2020
The impact of COVID-19 on colorectal surgery 22nd April 2020
Cancer Surgery and COVID-19: Risks and Benefits 20th April 2020
Redeployment of the Dental Workforce during COVID-19 Pandemic 16th April 2020
COVID-19 and Surgical Trainees - Your Questions Answered 13th April 2020
COVID-19: Hot Topics in Orthopaedics, ENT and OMFS 6th April 2020
Facing up to surgery in the face of COVID-19 30th March 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Essential knowledge for surgeons undertaking acute medical care 24th March 2020

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