Webinar FAQ

You'll find answers below to some frequently asked questions relating to the College's ongoing series of webinars. If you can't find an answer to your question please email us at webinars@rcsed.ac.uk.

Joining a live webinar

Do I need to install anything to join a live webinar? 

The College uses Zoom to deliver its webinars. It’s highly recommended that you join using the installed Zoom Client for Meetings on PC and Mac or the Zoom Android or iPhone / iPad apps on smartphone. If you choose to join the webinar using the Join from your browser link on PC / Mac your attendance may not be recorded and if applicable it will not be possible to award you CPD hours.

CPD Certificates

Which webinars are eligible for CPD?

If a webinar is eligible for CPD hours this will be shown within its description on the College website.

What criteria must I meet to be awarded CPD hours?

To be eligible to receive CPD hours for webinar attendance you must connect for the full duration of the webinar AND complete the feedback survey.

You have 7 days from the end of the webinar to complete the survey. If you miss the survey submission deadline, it will not be possible to issue you with a CPD certificate.

How do I complete the feedback survey?

When a webinar ends the feedback survey should open in your web browser. You will also find a link to the feedback survey in the “Thank you for attending” email which will be sent to the email address you used to register. This email is sent automatically 24 hours after the webinar has ended.

When you are asked to enter your email address on the feedback survey this must match the email address you used to register for the webinar. If the email address does not match, we will not be able to confirm your attendance and send you a CPD certificate.

How will my CPD certificate be sent to me?

Your CPD certificate will be sent to the email address you used to register for the webinar. CPD certificates are sent as PDF documents.

When can I expect to receive my CPD certificate?

You should receive your CPD certificate within 21 days of attending a webinar, although during busy times it may take longer. If you have not received your certificate within four weeks of attending a webinar, please email us at webinars@rcsed.ac.uk.

How many CPD hours will I be awarded?

You will find the number of CPD hours awarded for a particular webinar within its description on the College website. One CPD hour is awarded per hour of educational content.


Where can I find recordings of past webinars?

Recordings of most webinars are made available to watch on the College website here.

When will a webinar recording be available to watch on the College website?

Webinar recordings are usually made available on the College website within 48 - 72 hours of broadcast.

Why can’t I access a webinar recording?

Access to some of the webinar recordings is an exclusive membership benefit for Affiliates, Members and Fellows of the College. You can find information about how to join the College here.

Can I get CPD for watching the recording on the College website?

CPD certificates are only issued to attendees of live webinars. The College does not issue CPD certificates to those who have watched webinar recordings on the College website.

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