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The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh offers a number of grants to Fellows and Members, including Small Research Support Grants, Grants for Travel such as the Ethicon Foundation Short Term Clinical Visit Grants and Ethicon Foundation Fund Travel Grants, and Ophthalmology Grants.

FST / ASME Educational Research Grants

The Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST) and the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) have come together in a ground-breaking partnership to launch a series of research grants to promote research in this vital area. 

These grants, of up to £3,000, can be used to support either a research study or evaluation of a teaching innovation in any field of surgical education and training.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 19 May 2021

For further information, please download the FST/ASME Guidance/Application Pack.

Small Research Pump Priming Grants

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh invites applications for Small Research Pump Priming Grants, up to £10,000, from surgical trainees and recently appointed consultants. The principle applicant must be a Member or Fellow of the College in good standing.

Grants are awarded for pump priming projects for a period of one year only and research project submissions should satisfy one or more of the College's four priority areas for research:

  • Surgical and Dental translational research
  • Surgical and Dental health services research
  • Research into Surgical and Dental aspects of patient safety, simulation and non-operative technical skills
  • Cancer research of demonstrable direct clinical relevance to the management of solid tumours

It is a condition of the award that a progress report is sent to the College on completion of the period of research.

Application form and full guidance notes.

Closing date Wednesday 16 June 2021


Faculty of Dental Surgery Grants for Education

The Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh supports educational endeavours for individuals who are Affiliates, Members and Fellows of the Dental Faculty and/or the Faculty of Dental Trainers. Grants (up to £3,000) will be available to defray expenses for those undertaking an appropriate educational qualification.

Application form and full guidance notes.

Closing date Wednesday 23 June 2021

Further information from Cathy McCartney: c.mccartney@rcsed.ac.uk

Travel Grants

Ethicon Foundation Fund Travel Grants

Ethicon Foundation Fund Travel Grants are awarded to Fellows or Members of the College in good standing, as a contribution towards international travel costs to further enhance a specialty skill or experience which is not normally available in the applicant's own hospital, for a period of between 6 weeks and 12 months (though visits of up to 24 months may be considered). The grant is intended to cover the cost of one economy class return journey up to a value of £1,000.

Successful applicants will normally be Fellows or Members in training grade appointments but more senior applications may be considered at the discretion of the Board. Travel for the sole purpose of attending a scientific meeting will not be supported, and retrospective requests for grants not considered. Applicants must have obtained prior approval for the visit from the appropriate training authority in the country of application. Reports from beneficiaries of these awards can be found here.

Previous Awardee Reports

Applications are now closed

Further information from Cathy McCartney: c.mccartney@rcsed.ac.uk or +44 131 527 1618.

Ophthalmology Grants

Major Ophthalmology Grants, sponsored by RCSEd and Royal Blind

Major Ophthalmology Grants are sponsored by the College and Royal Blind. These grants are awarded for Research carried out from Ophthalmologists currently working in Scotland, and all Members and Fellows of the College in good standing.

Applications are now closed.

Further information: Cathy McCartney: c.mccartney@rcsed.ac.uk or +44 131 527 1618.


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