Career Advice for School Pupils

Surgery is an extremely rewarding but competitive career choice. Training to become a surgeon can be a long and challenging process, and surgeons need to be very driven and passionate in order to succeed.

A surgeon's time is not just spent in the operating theatre working on anaesthetised patients; they also spend a great deal of time in outpatient treatment rooms assessing and preparing patients for surgery, and on hospital wards seeing patients before and after surgical treatment. Good communication skills are essential, as surgeons must build good rapport with patients as well as work effectively with other hospital and medical staff (such as nurses, physicians and anaesthetists).

To become a successful surgeon, you will need to enjoy learning and be prepared to learn new skills and techniques throughout your career. You will also need to be a good teacher, and be able to share your skills with younger and less experienced surgeons as you progress throughout your career.

In short; surgeons work hard, but the work most often improves, enhances or saves other people's lives, which as you can imagine is incredibly rewarding.

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