Career Advice for Medical Students

If you are studying medicine, you have no doubt worked hard to obtain your place at university and are hopefully enjoying the variety and challenges that medicine has to offer. Perhaps you are beginning to look ahead and wonder which of the medical or surgical specialties you might pursue beyond graduation and in your foundation years. If you are considering one of the surgical specialties as an option, we hope that these pages will assist you by being a useful resource in your decision making.

Remember that if you are serious about surgery, you will need to do all you can to begin enhancing your surgical experience and portfolio, even as a medical student. As your first step, consider joining our Student Network, which will provide you with support as you progress through your training. You may also be interested in the wide range of courses and events that are run by the College.

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Student Affiliate Network

Affiliation with The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is a excellent step for any student with an interest in surgery. It signals your intention to follow a career in surgery and will give you access to a range of opportunities that you might otherwise miss out on. As well as being a valuable addition to your CV, affiliating to the Student, Foundation Doctors' or Pre-MRCS Network gives you access to the benefits listed below.

We understand that while you are studying, embarking on your foundation training or working towards your MRCS, you will need to be supported by the College. The Affiliate Network will provide you with the professional support that you need during these critical times. More info and how to apply can be found on the Affiliate Network page.

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