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Intercollegiate Surgical Logbooks

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh signed a joint agreement in 2010 with its sister surgical Colleges regarding the development of shared logbooks and portfolio which supports the revalidation process for surgeons across the UK. Surgeonsportfolio offers a 'cradle to grave' electronic means of recording all aspects of a surgeon's professional life, including clinical practice, professional development activities, peer analysis and audit tools, all of which are tailored to Specialty requirements where appropriate. Importantly, surgeonsportfolio will deliver the requirements for revalidation and store valuable information for annual appraisal, all within an e-system which is compliant with data protection requirements.

Based on elements of the previous Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Royal College of Surgeons of England electronic platforms, the Intercollegiate logbook and portfolio incorporates the best features of both and is now freely available to all Fellows and Members (in good standing) of the four Colleges.

To log in or register, please first log in to the College website member's area where you will find the surgeonsportfolio link provided.

Non-consultant Grade Surgeons

The intercollegiate agreement also simplifies the situation for non-consultant grade surgeons. The ISCP training platform is now the single training platform for trainee surgeons and the eLogbook  is the single electronic logbook for all surgical grades. As trainees become consultants their operative data will be available within the Surgeons' Portfolio Logbook section, thus providing a seamless 'cradle to grave' service.

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