Trainees' Committee and Support

Trainees at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh are represented by the College in five ways:

  1. Trainees' Committee
    The Trainees' Committee informs the Council, through the Chairperson, on relevant education, training and examination issues from a trainee's perspective and assists with the preparation of discussion documents and publications through the College media.
  2. Trainee member of Council
    The College has a directly elected Trainees' Representative on Council. Mr David Riding was formally elected by the membership to Council in November 2018. In his role as Trainee Member of Council, Mr Riding sits on the Trainees' Committee and represent the views of its members to Council.
  3. Special Council Brief for Trainee affairs
    In addition to the election of a Trainees' Representative on Council, existing Consultant-level Council Members have a special brief for Trainee affairs. Council Members  Ms Clare McNaught, Mr Chris Caddy, and Mr Phil Turner have been given this role as Co-Chair.
  4. SSB Trainee Representatives
    The College's eleven Surgical Specialty Boards (SSBs) will each have a Member of this College as its Trainee Representative, selected by the relevant Specialty Association Trainee Group.
  5. Council meetings
    Council, the SSB trainee representatives, ASiT, BOTA and other trainee representatives meet at least once a year for a half-day session focusing on Trainee affairs.


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