Deanery Contacts


Deanery Contact Email

East of England

Prof Simon Gregory-Ms Kayleigh Paske

East Midlands Leicester

Rosemarie Adams

East Midlands Nottingham

Caroline Hussey

London: If your name begins A-E

Nora Hilmy

London: If your name begins F-L

Stephen Mitchell

London: If your name begins M-R

Joseph Impraim

London: If your name begins S-Z

Allison Franklin


Dr Bamforth-Lyndsay McQueen

North East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

Andrea Pearson

North Western

David Franks - Kathleen Lynch


Jan Harris


Becky Trainer

South East Coast Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Eleanor Goswell

South West Peninsula

Jane Bunce

South Yorkshire

Ann Murdoch

West Midlands

Dr Helen Goodyear

West Yorkshire

Joan Martin

Northern Ireland

Deanery Contact Email





Deanery Contact Email

East of Scotland

Dr Carrie MacEwan

North of Scotland

Dr John Hiscox

South of Scotland

Dr Jane Montgomery

West of Scotland

Dr Jean Reid


Deanery Contact Email

All Wales

Lorraine Kemble

College Contacts

The College supports those who wish to train flexibly and can assist those who are pursuing this as a career option.  If you require further advice or support please email

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