FRRHH News items from April 2021

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Organisational Member Spotlight - Body Interact

Organisational Member Spotlight - Body Interact - Read more

In this article, we hear from our newest Organisational Member, Body Interact, on their Virtual Patient Simulator and how this service can support remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare.

RGU Appointed to Complete Academic Literature Review

RGU Appointed to Complete Academic Literature Review - Read more

We are delighted to announce a new development in the FRRHH Capabilities Framework with the support of Organisational Member, Robert Gordon University (RGU).

The FRRHH Fellowship

The FRRHH Fellowship - Read more

The FRRHH Fellowship, launching in May 2021, will facilitate access and exposure of healthcare professionals to different healthcare systems or healthcare contexts in order to develop the knowledge, skill or experience required to work in and support remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare.

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