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Dental Ambassadors

The Faculty of Dental Surgery is committed to supporting your ongoing professional development and promoting the highest standards of patient care. With almost 7,000 Fellows and Members worldwide and an extensive portfolio of exams and courses, as we expand, we must continue to reflect the needs of such a dynamic profession.

Following a recent review of our networks, we have changed the composition and duties of our regional representatives, encompassing support for the whole dental team.  For this reason we have recently appointed a network of Dental Ambassadors, representing 17 geographical regions across the UK and internationally, covering Mediterranean and North Africa, Middle East, East & South East Asia.

What roles our Dental Ambassadors have

  • Early Careers Dental Ambassadors
  • Dental Team Ambassadors
  • Dental Specialty Ambassadors
  • International Dental Ambassador 

What our Dental Ambassadors do

  • Represent their dental community
  • Give something back to their profession
  • Shape and influence the direction of the sector
  • Build their network and develop their skills 

Who our Dental Ambassadors are

We are currently recruiting across 14 UK geographical areas, for information on vacancies and how to apply visit the Dental Ambassadors Recruitment page


Visit the Faculty of Dental Surgery page to find out more about the Faculty's activities.


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