Membership Fees

Development Phase Member fee of £75 for Individual Membership and £1000 for Organisational Partner Membership

Become part of a prestigious and diverse global network of professionals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement in remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare. We will support and guide you through your career, regardless of level of profession and afford you research support through grants, bursaries and awards as well as career development opportunities and a wealth of training resources to ensure your excellence across remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare.

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Please note that you will be asked to register an online account first before progressing to an online membership form. This is a short processes only taking a moment or two. 

The Faculty of Remote, Rural & Humanitarian Healthcare’s membership model details the two phases of FRRHH Membership and the pathways for progression within FRRHH Membership levels. The following tables summarise these phases:

First Membership Phase – up to December 2021

Initially, all individual FRRHH members will join as Associates. Subscription fees will be determined

*Following the end of the Faculty’s first phase of membership in December 2021, a two-year “grandfathering” period will be in place, pending the introduction of formal examinations. During this period, Associates may apply for the award of Membership (including the right to use associated post-nominals). Candidate applications for Membership will be assessed by a panel. A one-off fee will be payable to cover administrative costs.

Organisational Partners will be contacted towards the end of 2021 regarding their future membership options and benefits.

Second Membership Phase – from January 2022

Low Income and Middle Income Country Discounts

FRRHH will offer discounted individual membership rates based on guidance from the World Bank as listed here.

  • Lower-Income Countries will be offered a discounted rate of 65%
  • Lower Middle-Income Countries will be offered a discount of 45%
  • Upper Middle-Income Countries will be offered a discounted rate of 35%

Please get in touch with a member of the FRRHH team at to discuss this further.

For information on the range of benefits included in your membership, click here

To find out more about how you can become a member, email 


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