Membership Benefits

Why Join The Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare (FRRHH)?

Our membership benefits have been carefully designed to align with the delivery of our aims and objectives. Every member is integral to help us contribute to existing work, and to inspire the next generation of remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare practitioners. We value our members voices to help grow a global professional network that will drive forward the implementation of global standards and form a professional home for remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals 

Your Benefits 

Knowledge Hub

Revalidation & CPD Support

  • Use the post-nominal letters (MFRRHHEd and FRRHHEd) 
  • Exclusive access to comprehensive information related to CPD and Revalidation
  • Quality Assurance, assessment and accreditation of training courses to ensure excellence across remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare

Commercial Discounts 

Faculty Board & Committees

  • Opportunities to become a member of one of our Faculty Advisory Boards and Executive Committees which actively influence developments

Continuous Support

  • Get our support through every step of your healthcare career and beyond
  • Support for research through sign posting to funding available for fellowships, bursaries and awards
  • Access to part of a prestigious and diverse global network of professionals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement in remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare


Setting a Global Standard 

The overarching objective of the faculty is to facilitate a professional network that drives the setting of global standards in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare. The faculty will then administer the assessment of that standard at the individual level and for external educational resources by using the following FRRHH services:

Capabilities Framework

The Capabilities Framework will underpin a number of the FRRHH's key activities in working to define, review and set standards of competence for organisations as well as medical and non-medical personnel delivering healthcare in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare environments.

Membership Assessment 

The capabilities framework and specially developed scoring criteria is used to inform an initial interim membership assessment process that will robustly assess individuals and their ability to work within remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare and award them use of Member or Fellow postnominals. 


The faculty will provide an accreditation service that will accredit external educational offerings against the FRRHH capabilities framework and RCSEd extensive educational standards. This links to the membership assessment service as individuals who present certificates and qualifications as part of their application will highlight new courses and resources that the faculty can then approach to offer accreditation services. In time this will build up a portfolio of FRRHH accredited courses and resources that have been accredited for their quality by the faculty.

This trinity of services collectively contributes to setting global standards in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare. 

Creating a Global Professional Network

In order to create a truly global professional home that supports the professional development of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals, the Faculty will commit to the following the support through this range of membership services:

  • Spotlight the experience, skills set, merit and accomplishments of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals
  • Recognise the specialist activity demonstrated by remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals that goes above and beyond the standard clinical training and practice
  • Support the special professional development requirements of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals


Make use of these benefits today, join the Faculty of Remote, Rural & Humanitarian Healthcare. 

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