Membership Benefits

Why Join The Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare (FRRHH)?

The main focus of the faculty is to support the development of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals globally. By joining as a member in the faculty’s early development stages you are actively supporting and shaping our goal to improve patient safety and support for healthcare professionals living and working in remote, rural, and humanitarian settings. We cannot achieve this without a strong, diverse, and global membership.

Our membership services and benefits have been carefully designed to contribute to the delivery of our aims and objectives to which you as a member are integral to help us fulfil. We view this as a core benefit to joining the faculty; adding your voice to a global professional network that will drive forward the setting of global standards and forming part of a professional home for remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals.

Be part of inspiring the next generation of remote, rural and humanitarian practitioners through FRRHH activity and through representing your own communities needs and successes.

Setting a Global Standard

The overarching objective of the faculty is to facilitate a professional network that drives the setting of global standards in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare. The faculty will then administer the assessment of that standard at the individual level and for external educational resources by using the following FRRHH services:

Capabilities Framework

The Capabilities Framework will underpin a number of the FRRHH's key activities in working to define, review and set standards of competence for organisations as well as medical and non-medical personnel delivering healthcare in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare environments.

Membership Assessment 

The capabilities framework will be used to inform an initial interim membership assessment process that will robustly assess individuals and their ability to work within remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare and award them use of Member or Fellow postnominals. This service is due to be launched early 2022. We hope to launch an examination in late 2023.


The faculty will provide an accreditation service that will accredit external educational offerings against the FRRHH capabilities framework and RCSEd extensive educational standards. This links to the membership assessment service as individuals who present certificates and qualifications as part of their application will highlight new courses and resources that the faculty can then approach to offer accreditation services. In time this will build up a portfolio of FRRHH accredited courses and resources that have been accredited for their quality by the faculty.

The trinity of services detailed above will collectively set global standards in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare. 

Creating a Global Professional Network

In order to create a truly global professional home that supports the professional development of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals, your faculty will do the following through a range of membership services:

  • Spotlight the experience, skills set, merit and accomplishments of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals
  • Recognise the specialist activity demonstrated by remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals that goes above and beyond the standard clinical training and practice
  • Support the special professional development requirements of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals

The membership services listed below will help to facilitate and grow a global professional network and support the professional growth of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare professionals.

Membership Benefits

Quarterly Newsletters spotlighting developments within remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare from FRRHH individual and organisational members. Topics will cover research, health tech and innovation, best practice, and a number of wide-reaching subject areas that impact on all healthcare professions, grades and geographical locations.
Members will be eligible to apply for the FRRHH Fellowship. This grant funding will aim to support those who wish to gain or further develop skills and experience in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare
For the duration of your membership you will have access to the Introduction to Humanitarian Healthcare Online Course
Access to closed networking group for FRRHH members to connect, network, share best practice and meet other FRRHH members
Access to virtual and face to face networking opportunities through a global community focused on sharing best practice. Keep an eye on our social channels and Activities and Events Page for future webinars and events. As a member you will be the first to hear about any events and will have priority registration and early access to events.
Access to FRRHH webinar library
Access to membership only pages on the RCSEd website housing education and training resources including; webinars, videos, presentations and supporting documents as well as access to Acland Anatomy and RCSEd’s Non-Technical Skills resources.
Relevant books and journals in the library
Online access to RCSEd Publication Surgeons News featuring numerous articles on remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare
Members will regularly be signposted to grants, bursaries and awards available from our partners and organisation members through our newsletters, social media accounts and news section on our webpage. Signposting done on social media, spotlight articles or highlighted in the quarterly newsletter
By becoming a member, you will support the faculty to deliver advocacy & representation within remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare to actively shape and inform the future of remote, rural and humanitarian healthcare across public and private decision makers.
Members will be invited to apply for roles and opportunities to actively engage, support and shape the activities of the faculty in setting standards, competencies, and the creation of courses. This could be through the Faculty Advisory Board, Capability Framework Development, assessment panels for the FRRHH Fellowship, assessors for FRRHH Accreditation services and many other opportunities to shape your faculty.
As a member you will have the offer of support and guidance throughout your career regardless of level, profession, or geographical location.

FRRHH Services 

  • Accreditation of External Education

Quality Assurance, assessment, and accreditation of external training courses, resources, and centers to ensure excellence across remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare. FRRHH Individual and Organisation Members will receive a discount on this service

  • Membership Assessment – Due Early 2022

Professional Recognition through industry and practitioner led standards currently in development due to be released late 2021 and an interim membership assessment process available 2022.


Commercial Discounts

Members will benefit from discounted fees on many RCSEd courses, conferences and events and future FRRHH exams
Professional discounts as part of our membership you will receive online discounts for medical publishers including Oxford University Press, Wiley - Blackwell, Quintessence Publishing and Elsevier  
All members are entitled to a 10% discount on best available rate in RCSEd's four star on campus hotel, Ten Hill Place
Discounted rates on meetings, events and celebrations at the College's venue through Surgeons Quarter 
Free entry to the Surgeons' Hall Museums

Future Faculty Benefits 

The next three years will see the foundations of the FRRHH established by our highly esteemed Executive Committee, Faculty Advisory Board Members and RCSEd operational staff team. We are eager to ensure that FRRHH is the “home” of remote, rural and humanitarian health and in order to achieve this we need you as our membership to help inform, drive and inspire this exciting new faculty.

Please contact to get involved. Over the next three years we will deliver the following benefits to our members:

  • FRRHH Membership examinations awarding the use of Member or Fellow post nominals due 2023
  • Honorary Fellowships to spotlight and celebrate world renowned professionals active in remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare
  • Future FRRHH courses and learning resources
  • Mentorship opportunities will arise as we grow our membership base

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