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13 Apr 2021












Virtual Patients platform used to support healthcare practitioners and increase patient safety.

In this article, we hear from our newest Organisational Member, Body Interact, on their Virtual Patient Simulator and how this service can support remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare. By partnering with Body Interact, we are able to offer our members and wider audiences’ exposure to new and innovate approaches to immersive training. We hope that this spotlight inspires our audiences and contributes to discussions on the development of remote, rural, and humanitarian healthcare education and training. Join the conversation on our social media channels using the hashtag #FRRHH and share your thoughts on virtual education, training and recruitment.



Gill Mitchell, Faculty Development Manager

Body Interact is an online and cloud-based Virtual Patient Simulator developed for clinical education, training, and recruitment with more than 100,000 users worldwide. Through life-like clinical scenarios in more than 18 specialties, current and future healthcare professionals can practice and improve their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills in a safe and interactive environment.

According to the Body Interact Impact Study concluded in September 2020 across 8 countries and 4 continents, 94% of participants believe that Body Interact helped practice decision-making strategies and 92% stated that it allowed them to bridge learning gaps.
As a Virtual Patient Simulator, Body Interact, enables caregivers living and working in remote, rural, austere, or life-threatening areas of the world to learn, practice and improve their clinical reasoning, decision-making skills, and knowledge. At the same time, as a clinical recruitment tool, the Virtual Patient Simulator supports organisations to assess candidates’ clinical skills during shortlisting and interview process.


Body Interact for Clinical Training

Manage learning and development of employees with the help of virtual patients

From the public and private sector to humanitarian healthcare, passing by non-governmental institutions, worldwide healthcare organisations face the continuous challenge of keeping their staff and clinical workforce updated. To ensure the investment in the training provided to your team returns results, it is important to be able to measure and assess group and individual performance.

With the help of Body Interact virtual patients, organisations can deliver standardised training to their clinical workforce with no travel requirements or the need to remove key people from your facilities to attend physical training. With customised content and a focus on patient safety, organisation’s operational standards can be improved by best practice training solutions.
Working alongside Body Interact, organisations and their healthcare team will have at their disposal an innovative and immersive training platform through online standard courses, access to Body Interact’s clinical scenarios library or the possibility to create customised training programs.
Through online and e-learning content that are enjoyable and valuable in gaining and retaining knowledge, healthcare clinicians will expand their knowledge, capabilities, and commitment to enhance the quality of care they provide either in rural, remote, or humanitarian settings.



Body Interact for Clinical Recruitment

Make better data driven decisions and focus only on the best candidates

Recruiting healthcare practitioners to work in rural, remote, or humanitarian settings has traditionally been based on assessing a candidate through their qualifications, work experience and references. As a solution, Body Interact developed its clinical recruitment platform, to support organisations and healthcare staff to be able to assess a candidate's clinical skills.

When recruitment is done well it is a rewarding experience for all those involved but when recruiting for remote, rural, and humanitarian positions the need to get it right is even greater.

The risks associated with patient care, organisational reputation and financial costs are increased when recruiting remotely and the importance of evaluating a candidate's clinical skills is paramount to actively managing these risks. With the help of virtual patients your team will be able to shortlist candidates effectively and then select those who performed well to the interview stage.

The use of Virtual Patients in the healthcare sector is becoming of far greater importance as organisations understand the measurable benefits this brings in learning and development and risk management. Body Interact is proud to be partnering with the Royal College of Surgeons, Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare and working towards developing industry changing innovation, for the benefit of practitioners and patients through the use of virtual patients.

To find out more about Body Interact, visit their website, contact them directly or ask us further at

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