RCSEd Research Report 2020-2022: Celebrating 26 Years of Medical Research

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05 Jul 2023

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is delighted to publish its 2020 – 2022 research report. As the report shows, RCSEd continues to provide a platform to develop training and support which gives our members the opportunity to enhance their research skills; skills that will ultimately benefit patient care.

During this period, we granted 86 different awards, totaling over £725,000, supporting research, training, and development across a range of specialties, worldwide.

The College would like to thank our generous donors and the research team whose hard work continues to ensure that these opportunities are available to allow our members to grow and learn.

Professor Stephen J Wigmore, Past Chairman of the RCSEd Research Committee, comments:

Covid-19 has had a major impact on research with the closure of laboratories, disruption of travel and reduction and limitation of clinical surgical services. Coupled with this, the economic consequences of the stock markets have reduced the ability of many charitable organizations to offer grants and to support research and innovation.

Despite this, I am pleased to report that the activities of the Research Committee have continued largely uninterrupted and the competition for grants and awards remains intense. In spite of the impact of the pandemic, there has been no diminution in the quality or productivity of surgeons involved in research and this is very pleasing to see. Research remains an integral part of surgical training and the role of the College in facilitating research and innovation is extremely important.

Professor Angus Watson, RCSEd Council Member, is the new Chair of the Research Committee. Angus is determined to further increase the College’s research profile with some exciting new awards.

We look forward to continuing to support our membership with fantastic opportunities, find out more and apply for any upcoming research here: https://rcsed.grantplatform.com/

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