Intercollegiate Endocrine Surgery Review

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27 May 2022

The GIRFT review of endocrinology has identified unwarranted variations in key areas in the current practice of endocrine surgery across the UK.

Endocrinology is a medical specialty which focuses on hormones and the glands which produce them. Diseases of the endocrine system are a broad range of conditions encompassing both common and rare conditions which are best investigated and treated by a specialised multidisciplinary team. Surgery is an option in the management of some endocrine diseases and for some conditions is the best available treatment. It is therefore important that the surgical teams involved with these patients are informed, skilled and integrated into the multi disciplinary team and can demonstrate their competency in operative management of these patients.

The report suggested a number of opportunities to review surgical practice with a view to improving patient care, outcomes and service efficiency.

The Joint Surgical Colleges review with representation from the Royal Colleges and Specialty Societies has looked at variation in the key areas of training, surgical activity, audit and appraisal.

You can download the full review here.

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