Good Medical Practice Review: take part in the consultation

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02 Jun 2022

The GMC have announced that they are consulting on an updated version of Good Medical Practice - the standards of professional behaviour and patient care expected from all doctors in the UK. This is the first review of the guidance since 2013 and the consultation consists of 29 questions around the following four main themes.

  • Tackling discrimination and promoting fairness and inclusion. – proposes the introduction of a duty to not abuse, discriminate against, bully, exploit, or harass anyone, or condone such behaviour by others. It also strengthens what the guidance says about inappropriate sexual behaviour between colleagues.
  • Working in partnership with patients – emphasises the responsibility of medical professionals to help patients make decisions for themselves. This includes a new duty to find out what matters to patients, so this can guide discussions about their care and treatment options.
  • Working effectively with colleagues - highlighting the need to show respect for the skills of all colleagues and to listen to their contributions.
  • Leadership and organisational culture – this includes a new duty to encourage medical professionals to develop leadership skills appropriate to their role and the important part that medical professionals play in collectively shaping positive and inclusive cultures.

RCSEd will be responding to the consultation but the GMC are also encouraging individual healthcare professionals to submit their views at However should you like further information, contact

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