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Building Capacity for Local Clinical Teams in Ethiopia

GSF became involved in a 10 year project to develop orthopaedics in Gondar, Ethiopia. The University of Gondar Hospital is the only major healthcare facility for a population of 7 million spread across a remote area 150 miles in diameter, with there being just 2.8 doctors per 100,000 people. The UK has 280 doctors per 100,000.

Building Capacity for Local Clinical Teams in Ethiopia

Phase One of the will see the current operating block built in the 1930s refurbished and fully equipped. Phase Two will be focussed on developing a programme to help the local clinical teams develop their own services. GSF has partnered with the Leicester Gondar Orthopaedic Partnership in Ethiopia to offer the support necessary for these local teams to create a self-sustaining training programme. At present, many conditions (such as the one demonstrated above).

Often this means the sufferer is unable to work, leading to their family becoming impoverished. This project will ensure that these musculoskeletal injuries are treated effectively, alleviating not only health concerns of the population but the associated social ills that come as a consequence.

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