Memorial to the Pandemic Workers

Memorial to the Pandemic Workers 'Your Next Breath' was devised as a tribute to the healthcare service workers who were faced with the crisis caused by COVID-19.







It is also an acknowledgement of the people who were lost in the line of duty. At least 115,000 health and care workers have now died from Covid-19 around the world, according to data from the World Health Organization, all of whom will be dearly missed by their families, friends and colleagues.

The memorial will create a physical space to pay respects and ensure that future generations remember the 2020 pandemic, as we are still trying to figure out ‘the new normal’. The pandemic has shown us that we need to work together, the memorial will serve as a reminder of these times and the people who worked tirelessly to protect the public.

The four life-size bronze figures representing the diversity of the UK healthcare workers will be placed at the entrance of the iconic Surgeons’ Hall Museums, in a green space accessible to the public, contributing to the heritage of the healthcare profession for years to come.

The sculptor, Kenny Hunter, is known for emotive sculptures that capture the vulnerability of the moment through details – the figures will be donning Personal Protective Equipment. The project will take in the region of a year to complete from the initial planning phase to the unveiling. Creating the sculpture in clay before it is cast in bronze itself will take around four months.

The support of our membership is critical for this project. We would like to thank you for being a part of the Your Next Breath memorial and look forward to welcoming you at its unveiling.

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