Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration

The CESR, or the certificate of eligibility for Specialist registration is the route to specialist registration for doctors who have not completed a GMC approved specialty training programme but who are able to demonstrate that their specialist training, qualification, and experience are equivalent to the requirement for the award of CCT in the UK. CESR holders can apply for substantive consultant posts in the UK.

CESR has been a popular route for SAS doctors working in the UK for career progression. It is important to note that CESR certification is neither suitable for, nor desired by, all SAS doctors. For some SAS doctors, rather than applying for CESR certification, the preferred development route is via a formal national training programme leading to award of CCT. SAS doctors who are successful in joining a training programme with prior experience can have their competencies assessed at their first annual review of competence progression (ARCP) and complete a shorter training programme. The GMC is notified by the Dean and College that this trainee is now on a CESR-combined programme (CESR-CP) route.

SAS doctors wishing to apply for CESR are strongly advised to read the GMC’s general guidance and specialty-specific guidance before starting to put together an application.

Making an application to the GMC can be lengthy and potentially stressful. The application requires submission of a portfolio of evidence demonstrating that specialist training, experience, and/or specialist qualification are equivalent to the award of a CCT in the surgical specialty in the UK. Information on CESR can also be found on the JCST website.

A new curriculum was introduced in 2021. JCST has prepared some resources with information about this. There is a YouTube video of a webinar held on 8 November 2021 about CESR under the 2021 curriculum. You can download an information sheet on CESR FAQs-2021 Curriculum arising from the webinar, as well as more general FAQs on CESR FAQs-applicable to all versions of the curriculum.

Full details of the application process are available on the GMC website.

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