The OncoSurgPal 22 Conference: A Confluence of Mastery

The OncoSurgPal 22 Conference: A Confluence of Mastery

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is dedicated to the promotion of surgical excellence and the advancement of surgical education worldwide. RCSEd has looked to play a pivotal role in supporting international conferences and educational activities, including the OncoSurgPal22 international conference, which has brought together surgeons, oncologists, researchers, and medical students from all corners of the globe. The OncoSurgPal22 was held in September 2022 in Palestine. 

Mr. Faris Abushamma who is the overseas SSB representative of the College and the Vice-President of the OncoSurgPal22 conference, commented:

One of the key responsibilities of RCSEd is to facilitate and support international congresses, which cover a wide range of educational activities such as lectures, video presentations, and hands-on training. These congresses serve as a platform for healthcare professionals to share their expertise and knowledge and to learn from one another. The College has been instrumental in bringing together some of the best minds in surgical education and research, paving the way for innovation and the development of new techniques and approaches to patient care.

RCSEd accredited the OncoSurgPal22 conference with 17 CPD points, as it covered a wide range of surgical sub-specialities.

Chair of the Urology Board and consultant urologist Neil Fenn said:

An important role played by the College is its collaboration with international academic institutions in order to further develop the knowledge and skills of international surgeons. By partnering with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the international institutions are contributing to the training of surgeons from all around the world. RCSEd provides comprehensive support for medical education, including curriculum development, surgical training, and virtual learning. Through this initiative, RCSEd can play a vital role in ensuring surgeons are equipped with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to provide the best possible care to patients around the world.

The OncoSurgPal22 conference was supported and attended by His Excellency Professor Rami Hamdallah, who played an important role in supporting Oncosurgpal22. He assured that An-Najah National University fully supports such educational activities in the medical field, and has encouraged others to do the same. His leadership and commitment to education have been instrumental in promoting medical research and innovation, providing students with the necessary resources and support to succeed in their careers.

The OncoSurgPal22 conference is the successor of the SurgPal22 conference, which was also a special scientific meeting in the era of COVID-19 and virtual conferences. The SurgPal board will continue such activities and more in collaboration with the College.

Learn more about OncoSurgPal22 here.

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