Professor Phil Taylor, Dean-Elect of the RCSEd Faculty of Dental Surgery, comments on PM’s intention to announce new measures to tackle obesity next week

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24 Jul 2020

Professor Phil Taylor, Dean-Elect of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd)’s Faculty of Dental Surgery, said:

“It’s vital that the PM is bold in the policies he’s set to introduce.  As well as aiming to curb obesity, the knock-on benefits to the nation’s dental health could be immense.  By putting the spotlight on junk food, and potentially introducing measures such as banning sales of fizzy drinks to children, we could see huge benefits to oral health across the board. 

“In the wake of the pandemic, we know many are struggling to get appointments with their dentist, so there is a concern that people will start to become complacent when it comes to their oral health and will skip their regular check-ups.  A well-executed campaign which looks at the way high-sugar foods are marketed may reverse some of this damage, and could be a very positive step in the right direction for the country’s dental health.”


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