Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh statement on the NHS People Plan

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10 Aug 2020

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is broadly welcoming of the new NHS People Plan detailing provision for the next 18 months. We feel that it’s focus is correct, and we applaud the aim of maintaining some of the positive innovations which developed during the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. There remain some concerns as to deliverability and the translation of these objectives into on the ground reality, but we look forward to playing our part in ensuring this happens.

We in particular wish to highlight the objective of continuing the support measures for staff introduced during the pandemic such as bereavement counselling and ‘wobble rooms’. We are further very supportive of the pledges to support staff wellbeing, including with psychological support, the provision of safe spaces for rest and recuperation and the appointment by every Trust of a wellbeing guardian. The RCSEd has a long history of championing staff wellbeing such as our anti-bullying work and we are happy to see this get the prioritisation it deserves.

The belonging in the NHS stream is also welcome, rightly acknowledging the wonderful and vital role that Black, Asian and other ethnic minority staff play. The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted that we still have some distance to travel to reach our aim of a truly equal society and it is right and important that the NHS has recognised this and pledged to build openness and inclusivity within British healthcare.

We are also supportive of moves to incorporate new ways of working from the pandemic such as greater use of e-consultations and new frameworks on staff ratios and deployment. The focus on expanding the NHS to meet the needs of an aging population is also laudable.


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