RCSEd Response to Sir Ron Kerr's Review into the Challenges of Being an Executive Leader in the NHS

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29 Nov 2018

The Department of Health requested Sir Ron Kerr to undertake a review into the challenges of being an executive leader in the NHS. In response to the release of this review, President of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Professor Michael Griffin said:

“I fully support the findings and recommendations within Sir Ron Kerr’s review. There is a high turnover of senior leaders within the NHS highlighting the difficulties and stresses associated with these roles. The review highlighted that trusts in special measures are more likely to have inexperienced leaders, however it is the most experienced who are needed in order to improve performance within these trusts. It is vital for the NHS to empower individuals to lead, and to provide them with the necessary support to succeed in their increasingly demanding and complex roles. The current blame culture within the NHS leads to difficulty in recruiting and retaining skilled leaders who are essential in order to face current pressures and challenges within the NHS.

Additionally, it is clear that clinicians need further training and development in order to be able to undertake leadership roles. Both consultants and trainees must have the opportunity to undertake leadership training throughout their careers along with appropriate support in order to become effectual leaders.”

The full report can be read here


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