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Fellowship in Dental Surgery without Examination

As part of RCSEd's Faculty of Dental Surgery's commitment to supporting professional development and promoting the highest standards of patient care, the Faculty offers a Dental Fellowship without Examination for holders of a Specialty Dental Membership.

The Fellowship in Dental Surgery is internationally acknowledged as the highest College award in dentistry, however it was recognised that dental professionals holding a Specialty Dental Membership* from one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons had few routes to achieve the FDS. In response to this, RCSEd's Dental Faculty has offered an opportunity for Specialty Members to access the FDS RCSEd without Examination through written application since 2012.

This initiative is designed to support Specialty Members - irrespective of their College of affiliation - whilst allowing them to become involved in RCSEd activities at the highest level, giving them the opportunity to engage more with the College and the future direction of the Dental Faculty.

Criteria for Application

Open to Registered Dental Practitioners who have passed a Recognised Dental Specialty* Examination of a Royal Surgical College.

Applicants should normally have held their Specialty Membership Qualification* from a Royal Surgical College for a minimum period of five years.

Applicants should provide evidence of commitment to their continuing professional development. Applicants must fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

a) be clinicians providing high quality clinical care
b) involved in ongoing research relevant to dentistry or
c) involved in undergraduate or postgraduate dental teaching and training

Applicants must be in good standing with the Royal College of Surgeons of their Membership affiliation and with their professional regulatory authority.

*A Specialty Dental Membership qualification is one that corresponds to one of the dental specialties described by the United Kingdom's General Dental Council.

Application Procedure

Applications for a Fellowship in Dental Surgery without Examination will be assessed by a Sub-Committee of Dental Council and then forwarded to the Honorary Secretary of the Faculty of Dental Surgery for presentation to Dental Council.

Application may be made by post or electronically.

It must include:

The completed Application Form and Checklist containing the structured curriculum vitae and probity declaration.

A copy of your Certificate of Dental Specialty Membership of a Royal College of Surgeons if not awarded by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Applications forms can be downloaded below. Completed applications forms should be returned by email to:

Linda Wilson, Faculty Development Manager

Tel: 0131 527 1605

Email: dental@rcsed.ac.uk

For more information read our FAQs section.


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