Exam Details - Diploma in Special Care Dentistry

Key Facts

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Diploma in Special Care Dentistry

The Diploma in Special Care Dentistry exam is designed to test a candidate's applied clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning and problem solving skills at a sub-specialist level. This exam is aimed at Specialist Trainees, CDS/PDS Dentists and Core Trainees interested in pursuing a career in Special Care Dentistry.

Exam Benefits

Achieving this Diploma allows candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of Special Care Dentistry, as well as their clinical reasoning and clinical problem solving skills.

Exam Format

The exam consists of two parts:

  • Part A: This includes one written paper of 150 minutes duration. The paper will include 150 Selected Response Items of Single Best Answer (SBA) Question Type.  The written exam will test candidates across all the learning outcomes and domains as laid out in the blueprint (Appendix A).
  • Part B: This consists of a structured oral examination of eight unseen cases, each of 15 minutes duration (inclusive of five minutes preparation time before each case).The candidate will be presented with scenarios relevant to Special Care Dentistry as defined by the learning outcomes


Exam Fee: £895

Resit Fee: This is calculated based on the number of components the candidate is resitting.

  • £895 if only resitting the Clinical Component
  • £500 if only resitting the Written Paper

Exam Eligibility

To be eligible to enter for the Diploma examination all candidates must:

  • Provide certified evidence of possession of a primary dental qualification that is acceptable to the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

  • Have been working as a qualified dentist for at least three years, and in addition, would be expected to have a minimum of two years’ full-time experience (or part-time equivalent), or completion of an appropriate postgraduate course(s) in Special Care Dentistry, to achieve the level at which the examination is set.

Candidates have four attempts in which to pass the Diploma in Special Care Dentistry.

Additional Information

Before applying for this exam, please ensure you have read and understood the relevant documentation.

Our Exam Policies and Procedures page will provide you with more general information about sitting an exam at the College.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently no Frequently Asked Questions associated with this exam. If you would like more information please contact us.

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