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Key Facts

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Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy

The Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy exam is designed to test the ability of candidates to treat patients as delegated by a registered dentist. The range of skills to be tested in the examination include only those which are specified in the Learning Outcomes. 

Exam Benefits

The award of this diploma entitles orthodontic nurses and dental care professionals to apply for registration with the General Dental Council as an Orthodontic Therapist.

Successful candidates will also be eligible for Affiliation of the College. Affiliates may participate in Faculty educational and social activities.

Exam Format

The exam is divided into three components:

  • Written component
    This consists of two written examination papers. Each paper is of two hours’ duration and will include six short answer questions.
  • Case presentations
    The candidate is required to present the clinical records of two patients whom he/she has treated. The case presentations must be submitted electronically two weeks before the oral examinations. The examination consists of an oral of 30 minutes’ duration  and will focus on assessing the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of procedures carried out for the patients. 
  • Structured oral
    This is a 15 minute structured oral exam with questions covering the breadth of the Learning Outcomes.


Exam Fee: £545

Exam Eligibility

Candidates must provide certified evidence of the following.

  • Evidence of satisfactory completion of a training programme signed by the Course Director or equivalent.
  • Successful completion of a continuous assessment record in the form of a clinical logbook. This will have been completed during each candidate’s training. It should record the clinical work undertaken during the course and include a series of competency based assessments which the candidate has to complete as he/she progresses through the course.
  • A practical experience certificate stating that at least nine months’ full-time practical experience (or the part-time equivalent) has been spent in exclusive orthodontic practice. This will have been done under the supervision of a Registered Dentist who is on the Specialist List in Orthodontics held by the General Dental Council.
  • Registration with the General Dental Council as a Dental Care Professional.

Candidates will be permitted a maximum of four attempts at the examination.

Additional Information

Before applying for this exam, please ensure you have read and understood the relevant documentation.

Our Exam Policies and Procedures page will provide you with more general information about sitting an exam at the College.

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There are currently no Frequently Asked Questions associated with this exam. If you would like more information please contact us.

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