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Cauda equina syndrome: when and how should I investigate?

18th August 2021, 19:00 to 20:00 BST


This webinar will address the controversies in early diagnosis and management of suspected cauda equina syndrome, and the pathophysiology underlying the condition.


- To understand the underlying pathophysiology of the complex of conditions that present with symptoms of cauda equina failure.

Learning Objectives

- This webinar should give the treating clinician confidence to determine the need for urgent or non urgent referral for patients presenting with a mix of symptoms that lead to the possibility of cauda equina compression. It will encourage assessment of the whole patient, past and present, advise when to push for urgent imaging, and what to do once the clinico-radiological diagnosis is made.

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Patrick Statham

Consultant Neurosurgeon, from Edinburgh has a long interest in this perplexing condition, and research into how we can make the diagnosis with more certainty, more quickly.

Likith Alikandy

Consultant neurosurgeon, from Glasgow will chair the discussion and use his experience of managing  and teaching on complex spinal conditions over many years


1 Hour

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A recording of the webinar will be made available on this page in the days following the live broadcast.

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