Confidential reporting and surgical safety (CORESS)

8th July 2020


The talk will cover the rationale for a Confidential Reporting System for Surgery (CORESS); how the system works; and will be illustrated by examples of surgical adverse events and near misses from across the surgical specialties, from which lessons can be learned.

CORESS is an independent charity, which aims to promote safety in surgical practice in the NHS and the private sector. The charity receives confidential incident reports from surgeons and theatre staff. These confidential reports are analysed by the CORESS Advisory Committee, who make comments and extract lessons to be learned.

CORESS then publishes these reports alongside the Advisory Committees’ safety lessons in surgical literature to educate fellow surgeons and to reduce the chances of a similar incident re-occurring in another theatre. CORESS aims to educate, rather than blame, and it serves all surgical disciplines.

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Professor Frank Smith

Frank Smith is Professor of Vascular Surgery and Surgical Education at the University of Bristol, UK. He has interests in education, training and Safety in Surgery. He trained in vascular surgery in the UK and Scotland, undertaking Peter Clifford and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Travelling Fellowships to Boston, Los Angeles Seattle and Denver.

He is Chair of the Intercollegiate Board of Basic Surgical Examinations (ICBSE) for MRCS, the primary surgical qualification for the four Royal Colleges of Surgeons of the UK & Ireland.

He is Scientific Program Director for the Society of Academic and Research Surgery and has at various times been Council Member for: The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland; The Vascular Society of Great Britain & Ireland; The Venous Forum; and President of the Section of Surgery of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Frank is currently Program Director of the National Confidential Reporting System for Surgery (CORESS); member of the NICE Interventional Procedures Committee (IPAC); and Chair of the writing group for key surgical factors for the NHS National Safety Standards for Interventional Procedures (NatSSIPs).


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