Viking Surgeons Association - Thriving and Surviving in Remote and Rural General Surgery

26th January 2021


The Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare have partnered with the Viking Surgeons Association (VSA) to deliver a series of webinars focused on Rural Surgery, this webinar will present the following topics;

  • Training implications
  • Keeping up to date
  • Accommodating different managerial structures and clinical teams
  • Opening up opportunities for overseas work

Following part one, the webinar will continue with panel discussions, taking questions on;

  • Preparing for a career in Rural General Surgery
  • Keeping up with current practice in different specialties
  • Operating on friends, people close to you and relatives
  • Coping with specific stresses and the benefits of networking
  • Education of children
  • Employment of partner
  • Living with the 'Goldfish bowl phenomenon’
  • Dealing with complications


  • Alan Grant (Chair)
    Consultant General Surgeon, Clinical director for Surgery, Anaesthesia and Critical care.

  • Simon Cole
    Consultant Surgeon

  • David Sedgwick
    Consultant Surgeon

  • Kenneth Walker
    Colorectal Surgeon and Associate Postgraduate Dean in Inverness

  • Beatrix Weber
    General, remote and rural surgeon

  • Stuart Fergusson
    Colorectal and General Surgeon


1 Hour

Registered attendees who connect for the full duration of the live webinar and have completed the post-event survey will be entitled to receive a CPD certificate. CPD certificates will be sent to the email address used to register for the webinar. We aim to send CPD certificates within 21 days of broadcast.


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