Migrants Moving Through Mexico and their Access to Health and Social Services

30th June 2022


This webinar is in partnership with Interactive Health. IHL provides strategic advice ranging from designing and implementing new national digital health systems and interventions, supporting primary and pre-hospital digital healthcare at remote locations, to devising bespoke leadership programmes for the health and education sectors. Their clients include national and local governments, government organisations such as the NHS, leading universities, NGOs and large corporate organisations.

Migrants from Mexico, Central America and South America in transit through Mexico are acutely vulnerable to infectious disease including COVID 19 and lack resources to protect themselves . Child migrants are also  at risk of violence. Our team worked with NGOs in Mexico as well as academia and local government to assess migrants' needs and examine their health and social care access during the pandemic.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

1) Understand the general context and drivers  of migration via Mexico to the US.

2) Examine the diversity and vulnerability of migrants groups moving through Mexico.

3) Appreciate the legal and regulatory frameworks within Mexico that govern the right of access to both social and health services for migrants.



Our panellists include:

  • Dr. Debi Fry - Personal Chair, International Child Protection Research, Director of Data for the Global Data Institute for Child Safety, University of Edinburgh

  • Mr. Tona Magos - World Vision Mexico, Director of Advocacy 

  • Dr. Maria de Jessica Arrellano - UNAM ,Universidad Autonima de Mexico. National Researcher for CONACyT. Academic Coordinator of the IIJ Diploma in Bioethics, Health and Biolaw. Member of the UNAM Ethics Committee 


1.5 Hour

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