Paediatric perspective in the COVID-19 era

15th June 2020


In this webinar we'll look at how COVID-19 has affected Paediatric Surgery. Our panelists will discuss:

  • Clinical presentation in the paediatric population, and service impact.
  • Patterns and experience encountered across the world and UK studies in place within paediatric surgery (baby hernia and appendicitis).
  • Phases of response (in one unit), preparation in winding down, experience during the peak and recovery.
  • Trainee perspective and survey on teaching.



  • Miss Melanie Clarke (Chair)
    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon - Aberdeen
  • Dr Jillian McFadzean
    Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care and. Anaesthesia - Edinburgh
  • Professor Mark Davenport
    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon - Kings London
  • Mr Fraser Munro
    Consultant Paediatric Surgeon - Edinburgh
  • Miss Mariana Pereira
    Paediatric Surgery Trainee - Scotland


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