FRCS and MRCS Examinations - Any Questions Answered

19th October 2020

This webinar will provide an update on the recent successful diet of MRCS examinations and provide an update on the upcoming FRCS examinations, with opportunities to put your questions to our expert panel.

John McGregor, Chair of JCIE, and Martin Owen, Head of Operations at JCIE, will be joining the session and discussing what arrangements are in place for the upcoming FRCS diet, and provide insight into what can be expected, while answering questions from exam candidates. Gregory Ekatah, Registrar in Colorectal Surgery, and uniquely a candidate for the FRCS in November himself, will be on the panel representing candidates’ interests.

Lastly, this session will be a great opportunity to look back at the recent successful diet of MRCS examinations, as we’re joined by John Hines, Chair of the ICBSE, who will discuss the challenges faced by running examinations during COVID, successes achieved and learnings gained which can be applied to future diets.


Our panellists include:

  • Michael Griffin
    RCSEd President
  • John McGregor
    Chair of Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations (JCIE)
  • Martin Owen
    Head of Operations of Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations (JCIE)
  • John Hines
    Chair of The Intercollegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations (ICBSE)
  • Gregory Ekatah
    Registrar in Colorectal Surgery
  • Lola Giwa
    Plastic Surgery Registrar and Vice President ASiT


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