Facing up to surgery in the face of COVID-19

30th March 2020


RCSEd President Professor S Michael Griffin, Vice-President Professor Rowan Parks and Mr Simon Paterson Brown chair this Q&A session regarding surgery during the COVID-19 crisis.

Topics addressed included information that RCSEd is producing regarding COVID-19 in order to support the surgical workforce and the delivery of guidance on to surgeons at the front line, their anxieties, concerns and questions about the current crisis and how it affects working practice.

There are many healthcare workers, nurses and doctors putting their lives at risk treating the many cases of COVID-19 that are entering our Emergency Department wards and Intensive Care Units. Professor S Michael Griffin asked to hear from Surgeons during this unprecedented time and learn how the pandemic has affected them and their work environment and how the college can assist with coping and adapting during these challenging times.


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