COVID-19 and Surgical Trainees - Your Questions Answered

13th April 2020


All the agencies involved in training are working together to ensure that wherever possible surgical trainees are not disadvantaged and that they are able to progress appropriately. The Surgical Colleges via JCST are working with the four national education bodies who in turn through the National and Regional schools of surgery will endeavour to support all surgical trainees.

This webinar will update on current issues facing surgical trainees, including the principles for redeployment, pausing of all planned rotations, recruitment, examinations, ARCPs and trainee progression including requirements for CCT, and revalidation arrangements for doctors in training.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents immense challenges to surgical trainees and their trainers. This webinar will explore how we can ensure that we optimise our training during this difficult time.


  • Professor S Michael Griffin OBE, RCSEd President 
  • Professor Rowan Parks, Consultant HPB Surgeon, RCSEd Vice-President
  • Mr Timothy Graham, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, RCSEd Council Member & Chair of Standards 
  • Mr David Riding, Vascular Trainee, RCSEd Trainees’ Committee Chair and Trainee Member of RCSEd Council


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