ACS Clinical Congress 2020 - The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s response to the Ongoing Pandemic

7th October 2020

The webinar will to be an opportunity to engage with our American fellows, members and colleagues and update them on some of the activities of the College during the COVID pandemic, but also to present our current activities and planned future initiatives including all that we do to promote high standards in surgical care, education, training and assessment both in the UK and internationally. Most importantly, it will be an opportunity to interact and engage with our global surgical network.

The two vice Presidents and the President of RCSEd will discuss the College’s activity following the UK lockdown including communication with College Fellows and Members through webinars, our website and social media, and the advocacy role that the College has been playing on behalf of the surgical profession in the UK and further afield. We will discuss the work that the College has been doing with other Surgical Colleges in the UK including producing surgical guidelines and re-introducing examinations and courses. The webinar will also cover the vital role our international Fellows have been playing in understanding the impact of the pandemic on the surgical and dental professions worldwide.


Our panellists include:

  • Professor S Michael Griffin OBE, RCSEd President
  • Professor Rowan Parks, RCSEd Vice-President
  • Mr Pala Rajesh, RCSEd Vice-President


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